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Code of Conduct

While self-regulation is expected in terms of advertising in the gaming industry, it must also be understood that some countries have laws about advertising to their citizens.  The expectations for advertisers (affiliates and casinos) by countries such as Australia, are adhering to the letter of the laws of the country.  Our code of conduct forms a coalition of responsible advertisers that wish to follow global laws and to demonstrate honesty in their advertising.  The online gambling community and industry should continually strive to build a safe experience for players that falls within the laws set forth in the jurisdictions of those players.

General Standards

These standards can be followed by those new to the gaming industry or those looking to improve their operations and become compliant with global laws concerning advertising in particular markets.

  • Each site controlled by the affiliate should contain a means of contact including a business address, telephone number or an active support service such as live chat. Actively monitored email support is also highly recommended in addition to the aforementioned information.
  • It should be made clear by the affiliate’s website the jurisdiction in which they intend to serve or recommend casino gaming.
  • Additionally, it is responsible to provide up to date licensing information for the casino that are being advertised.
  • A clearly visible link to a gambling help site or responsible gaming site should be included on all entry points of the website.
  • Promotional campaigns should include the full terms of a bonus promotion on the affiliate site or a link to the promotions information on the casino site.
  • It should clearly be stated that no person under the age of eighteen is permitted to use the services advertised on the website. Verification of age in even a minimal way is recommended.
  • Personal information to be used for marketing purposes must use a double-acceptance system where it is clearly stated that the said information is to be used in such a manner. Personal information should only be collected in a secure web environment.
  • Adherence to the strictest laws for the protection of data and privacy is highly recommended.
  • Truth in advertising is a must. This includes honesty in displaying the rate of return from advertised casinos where available.  This also includes not misrepresenting the potential of wins. Reminding players that they may lose when wagering is a truthful statement.
  • Encouraging gambling for those that are problem gamblers is strictly prohibited and just a downright terrible practice. Problem gamblers should be referred to a professional site where they can receive proper assistance.
  • Marketing materials must adhere to intellectual property rights which includes not infringing on those rights by plagiarizing content.
  • Email Spam is not effective nor is it a permitted form of marketing. Most affiliate programs will terminate a relationship immediately upon discover the use of this method.
  • Email marketing programs are permitted as long as the consumer has a means of opting out of the email marketing. This is often just a means in which to unsubscribe such as a link.
  • Combining excessive use of alcohol should not be encouraged when gaming.
  • Advertisers should always conduct their business in a respectable manner and be in complicate with all laws which are applicable.