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All gambling that occurs within the regions of Canada is regulated by framework established under the federal Criminal Code.

Prohibitive laws and ordinances against gambling in its numerous forms are set by this Code. However, there are exemptions to the Code on a provincial level. Governmental agencies are granted the authority to regulate gambling through the “conduct & manage” term found in the Code.

The general operative focal point, “conduct & manage”, of the Criminal Code is open to interpretation as it relates to each province and smaller locality.

Governments throughout each province of Canada give authority to carry out gambling regulations to agencies that handle each respective local lottery, otherwise known as Crown agencies.

While there can be similar ways in which each province handles how to interpret the “conduct & manage” phrase from the Code, no uniform policy is in place. This is due to the broad definition of conduct & manage and how it is enforced.

Authority given to each provincial government has resulted in the creation of multiple, unique bits of legislation that facilitate gambling in an individual structure.

As far as online gambling is concerned, there is no black and white regarding the federal Code that is in place. The law specifically states this operative “conduct & manage” phrase, but no two pieces of legislation are the same. This allows for exemptions to the Code directly related to the use of regulated online gaming, as the Code does not clearly prohibit such actions.