Are all regulated jurisdictions the same?

Each regulated jurisdiction can have vast differences and are by no means equal, some even requiring permits that come along with strict conditions. Nations that fall under the G8 category, such as Italy and the United Kingdom, have created their own standards that require operators to get a special permit before they can offer gambling services in these regions. Operators are required to meet certain guidelines to maintain their license.

Services that are offered on a global scale have to seek out individualized local licenses in order to participate in certain regions, complicating things. Qualifications may change depending on the jurisdiction, which means that software programs may be used to offer slightly different services and games depending on the location of the player.

CJI members are regulated in first instance jurisdictions. These include France, Malta, Italy, the Isle of Man, Alderney, and even the United Kingdom. Member company partners are publicly traded entities on lists of security commissions, which are subject to new licensing requirements.

There is a strict and explicit Code of Conduct that all members must follow while managing their Internet-based gambling services. The code ensures that all members meet certain standards and protects players that choose to game on these platforms.