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The ability for local casinos to create tournaments for eSports is now on the horizon thanks to Gigse. This is excellent news for the new business that thrives on growth in this area. The Leet brand, by Rahul Sood, makes it all a reality going forward. While sports aren’t for every casino out there, it is an exciting idea that can help them make more money.

The Launchpad initiative believes that new customers are the main attraction of the program. Primarily a millennial concept, it can attract people of all ages and economic backgrounds. It will require the casinos to shift how they envision the future of their casinos, but that shift will help them better serve the future and remain a vital part of the gaming industry. It’s really about thinking into the future. For years, the ability to see into the future of what will be needed has led the spirit of growth in the industry. Let’s face it, people under a certain age really won’t be drawn to traditional games. The themes are the draw there. The industry must accommodate that.

It can reach the economic strength of tribes as well. It must be handled properly for this to be the future, but it is possible if the industry learns how to adapt the technology that is heading towards this industry. Emerging technologies have always been the key to growth though. If tribes can grow and learn to adapt to that, as some have already, then the future is bright for a high-profit margin for their tribes from the gaming industry.

It’s exciting to see the potential that exists. As the panel leads the way into that future, introducing these technologies, it is exciting to see how much the growth can impact the future. It’s necessary growth for the gaming industry to thrive and continue. Otherwise, it stands a chance to freeze and die off with the current audience. That means that this panel is essential to the continued development and education of the local casinos to have what they need to go forward into the future.