The Fight to Reinstate the Wire Act Continues

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  2. The Fight to Reinstate the Wire Act Continues

The year 2017 is going to be a sensitive one for states that are making high profits off of their online gaming products. Casino owners and other adamant advocates of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act are pushing hard to ban web-based gambling in the United States. RAWA supporters lost a recent attempt to reinstate the act, but the organization intends to continue pushing forward in its efforts to stifle online gaming activities. Meanwhile, countries like the UK are reeling in more than $5 billion a year. Many of America’s states vehemently detest RAWA’s efforts because online gaming is their bread and butter.

The driving factors for such vigorous efforts to kill online gaming is that casino owners feel that it hinders the brick and mortar casinos. Sheldon Adelson is one of RAWA’s biggest advocates, and his fear of online gaming drives him to protect his land-based investments. The American Gaming Association seems to agree with parties like Adelson. The organization doesn’t say that it outright defends banning internet gaming. However, it does say that its interests lie with preserving the land-based casino buildings.

Several states in the United States will suffer extreme losses if the Wire Act resurrects. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan and New York are just a few of the states that have seen an astronomical amount of success come because of online gaming. New Jersey sees more than $150 million a year, and the state does not want to part with its profits. The Garden State just saw a 30 percent increase in internet earnings. It’s no wonder that the entire state is in an uproar. The state of New Jersey started blowing up more than 20 years ago and has held on to the title of big dog in casinos ever since. The state still controls more than 90 percent of the casino market that is under regulation.

According to Casino Report, the states that offer online lotteries are throwing fits about their rights. They believe that the Wire Act crosses boundaries that no one should ever cross. Obama’s people were the ones who pushed to lighten the laws. Now, years later, the Attorney General is one of the leading participants who is trying to get the act reinstated. The fight is going to be long and hard. Someone will suffer no matter who wins, but the casinos themselves may suffer greatly.

One party that these organizations do not consider very much is the people. The people who spend their money on gaming appreciate the ease and privacy of going to an online casino. The advocates that are pushing for the Wire Act may not realize just how much some people appreciate the convenience and discretion of online gambling. Such people may not turn back to the land-based casino if the Wire Act goes back into effect. RAWA advocates expect that their mission will force players to visit the land-based units, but they may end up running them off altogether. Trying to control the masses can be an extremely slippery slope.
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