Whelan Fights Hard to Preserve iGaming

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  2. Whelan Fights Hard to Preserve iGaming

The state of New Jersey is pulling out all the stops to protect its interest in the online gambling industry. While land-based casino moguls and RAWA supporters fight to have internet gaming banned, New Jersey Senator Jim Whelan fights hard to keep the online gaming industry alive. The state clears more than $120 million per year that it receives from its internet casinos. It would suffer immensely if the web casinos had to shut down. Whelan is putting his best foot forward and gathering as many alliances as possible on this issue.

Whelan has a long history of offering support to the online gaming industry. He was one of the people who signed on the dotted line to endorse a bill that gave companies the right to offer lottery tickets online. Whelan assisted the parties in requesting federal protection from shutting down casino operations, as well. Whelan plays a supporting role in every attempt that the state makes to either protect its internet gambling operations or expand its abilities. He will continue to campaign for the right for the state to remain one of the leading states in online gambling revenue.

One of the tactics that Whelan plans to use is a strategy that shows opposing parties the numbers clear as day. The analysts expect New Jersey’s online gambling profits to increase by at least 17 percent over the next year. The overall gaming industry has already catapulted in growth more than 32 percent over the past year. Those statistics should be enough to stress the point that a cease halt of operations would shoot New Jersey in the foot financially. Additionally, New Jersey’s online gaming players may not want to convert to land-based gameplay. The casinos are in jeopardy of losing many of their players because of that.

New Jersey has a lot of casinos. The state has several dozen websites as well as an emerging racetrack involvement agreement. Meadowlands and Monmouth Park are going to start allowing online operations for people who want to try their luck at the races. The income is too hot for officials to simply let it go, and the potential is too outstanding to ignore. Neither Whelan nor his supporters will stand for internet gaming’s quick demise. They will launch campaigns and continue to show that these online gambling sites are the very sites that are making New Jersey fruitful.

So far, the senator has gathered six co-sponsors who will work closely with him to prove that New Jersey needs to continue its dealings in the online gaming industry. The six co-sponsors aren’t the only people who are supporting Whelan in his attempt to continue online gambling, and New Jersey isn’t the only state in this fight. States like Pennsylvania and California are upset by the current RAWA efforts, and they are fighting to keep their state’s earning privileges from being crushed by new laws. RAWA failed at its attempt to reinstate the Wire Act this time, but it will continue to push it in the future.