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Youtube has become a hot commodity in the race to test new television formats and programming in general such that it has become an excellent testing ground for temerarious pioneers such as Cleve Keller and Dave Noll to explore uncharted waters in the entertainment industry. Now they are looking to collaborate with the Fine Brothers in order to use some of the experience that they gained from their React series in order to get in front of consumers looking for a change in the dull slate that has been piped to their living rooms for some time now.

The Fine Brothers found near-instant acclaim for their react series which started as a show that documented children as they responded to viral videos. Other groups were soon added to parlay off of that initial success such that the React franchise (Youtube channel) now houses content from children, elderly, Youtubers, adults, and college students all responding to the content put before them. It was a new take on comedy that was successful enough to draw the attention of Entertainment One and Chopped creators.

Noll and Keller are so far probably best known for the Chopped TV series which four chefs compete in a three round contest in which they are challenged with the task of combining mystery ingredients which are not usually used together to see what type of concoction they can come up with. The show goes from appetizer to entree and then conclude with a desert with the winner getting a cool ten thousand dollars in prize money for the best use of the ingredients across the three rounds.

Now, revealed September 21 2016, they are all working together to produce some new shows which will incubate on the FBE Digital Network with its over 20 million subscribers seeming to be an excellent place to see how things fare before taking it mainstream to tradition television platforms. The first of these projects will be Quizzicle which is a symbiotic mixture of pop culture trivia and a puzzle portion. It seems like a great concept in order to keep the momentum behind the train that is unscripted programming.

Netflix is also trying to capture the unscripted programming fad while it can be used to boost profits. It has outlined a plan to create original content which will eventually fill half of its digital ‘shelf space’ such that subscribers will be able to find things that are available nowhere else in order to keep their market share going strong. With a $6 billion budget set for 2017 it seems that this is certainly the way to go for consumers and producers alike who will enjoy the new market space. With 30 scripted shows currently in development, the unscripted portion should be a profitable addition as well.

The Fine Brothers’ momentum shows no indication of slowing and the Noll and Keller collaboration will provide new formats never seen before to audiences around the world in order to embrace the future of modern programming.