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Major League Baseball Signs Gambling Deal with MGM Resorts

Sports betting enthusiasts are rejoicing as baseball matches overseen by the onceunrelenting Major League Baseball (MLB) is now set to enter the sports gambling scene. Asit is, the oldest professional sports organisation has finally made a complete turn around.Months after the U.S. Supreme Court declared a lift of the national sports betting ban, MLBofficials announced last Tuesday (Nov. 26, 2018) that it has officially named MGM Resortsas its gambling industry partner.Apparently fazed by results of reports pertaining to MLB attendance, the organization finallydecided to follow the steps taken last July by the National Basketball Association and theNational Hockey League. As Chief Operating Officer of MLB, Commissioner Rob Manfredhopes the MGM gambling partnership will reverse the attendance downtrend. As it is,stadium attendance dropped for the 5th time during the past 6 seasons, causing an all timehigh downturn of 70 million since year 2003,

Sports Betting can Reverse Trending Decline in MLB Attendance

According to Commissioner Manfred, they based their decision to incorporate sports betting,on research results that uphold sports gaming as a valuable influence to fan engagement.Since they are operating in a highly competitive environment, the MLB Commissioner admitted that they have to take every feasible option available in order to increase stadiumattendance during MLB matches. MGM Chairman Jim Murren voiced his agreement, as he sees the compatibility betweensports betting and baseball games. He practically views the built-in breaks between pitchesas perfect opportunities that avid sports bettors will take. Compared to other types of sportsmatches, breaks are more frequent in baseball games. The deliberate pace with which abaseball game carries on, could very well put fans in seats where they can witnesscompelling developments first hand. Frequent pauses will allow them to place additionalbets, as well as give them time to assess live game stats that may influence their bettingchances and decisions.

MLB All Set to Become Part of UK Sports Betting Market

Commissioner Manfred made it clear that the focus of their studies on a gambling partnership went beyond the business aspect. His office took 18 months in laying out plans on how MLB will plunge into the sports betting business. Preparations included policy updates, and development of guidelines governing employees, players, and teams as well. The Commissioner asserts that having a set of policies and guidelines gives them assurance that game integrity is intact, being the most important issue that matters to them. After all, MLB has been deploying popular teams to play their games away from home by meeting in countries with established and well-regulated sports betting markets. The most significant to date is the 2-game series that will take place in the newly renovated London Olympics Stadium.

Last May 2018, it was announced that come June 29 and 30, 2019, Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees are set to meet and play their games in London. Another set will be held in June 2020 in the same venue, although the teams that will bring their live baseball action plans on are yet to be announced. Game integrity is indeed an important factor since punting on sports matches and everything else, particularly in the UK, is already a way of life. SEO MGM Clinches Sports Betting Deal with Major League Baseball (MLB)Baseball sports betting has indeed arrived and set to flourish, as MGM Chairman Murren and MLB Commissioner Manfred officially announced gambling alliance.