Beginner Player Guide

Players that are interested in online gambling and online gaming will benefit from the information provided here.

  • It is imperative for players to accept recommendations from casino review sites that are reputable and offer current information. Reputable sites are those that provide players the means to access correct information, upfront bonus information and requirements, a privacy policy and a means to contact the site.  These are all excellent indicators that the site is reputable and has the player’s best interests at the heart of their business.
  • Sites that appear on our website are trusted providers of information about online gambling services.
  • Once a player has selected a reputable casino, they should expect to be asked for information regarding their identity. Credit card and banking information will also be requested.  The player must make certain that this is all done in a secure web environment and that the casino is licensed.
  • Players should also make note if support is available from the casino.
  • Reputable casinos clearly display their license, privacy policy, support information and promotion and bonus information.
  • Additional information about casinos may be ascertained from a reputable third party casino game ranking site such as those that appear on this site.
  • Using common sense and a bit of research can give players an excellent gaming experience.
  • Free games such as free online slots may also be provided by top online casinos. Players should make certain that they have left the free game section if they are interested in playing for real money.
  • If e-mail advertising is used, it would be prudent to consider whether the operator has the permission required for this type of solicitation and, of course, that there is an option to cancel a subscription.
  • Sites that do not appear on our site do not have our recommendation.
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