UK Black Gambling Market Concerns Raise Amid PwC Report

Over the years, many sites have been given permission by authorities to allow gambling games in the country. But this hasn’t stopped illegal operations from taking place.

A recent report in the UK regarding Black Market Concerns has caught our attention as it stated 1.9 billion pounds have gone to the market.

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People in power consider it a lie

The UKGC chief executive Neil McArthur feels the report is an exaggeration as there is no solid proof that shows there is an increase in black market gambling.

He also argues that we don’t know for sure if real people had been gambling or if it was robots that were used to do so. He is encouraging people to not take the report seriously.

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The Famous Letter

Neil McArthur shared an official letter to the All-Party Parliamentary Group in which he advised them to not introduce extreme measures to control black market gambling.

He did this because he feels there is no evidence yet to justify the rise in the market and if they force people by stricter measures, it would only move them towards discovering more gambling sites.

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What About Changes in the Industry?

McArthur sticks to his stance. He feels that there are no necessary changes that the industry should have to undergo based on this report.

He also strongly feels that the report is exaggerated because the industry ended up paying the consultants responsible.

But like the whole matter, McArthur’s own statement holds no weight because there is no proof. He doesn’t want to discourage a safe gambling environment.

\He feels shedding too much light on this matter will divert the focus of operators of the market.

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Let’s Talk More About The Report.

We would love to enlighten you about the matter at hand. The first thing that we felt was necessary for you to know was what the report stated.

From 2018 to 2019, around 200000 residents spent about 1.4 billion worth of money on UK gambling sites. If we include illegal ones, in a 12-month period the market made up to 1.9 billion pounds.

What does the report conclude?

According to the report’s findings, we can say that if the government is quick to act and impose stricter regulations than before, it might cause many people to move away from the licensed gambling sector and enter the illegal gambling world instead.

Many organizations in the gambling world, like UK betting, feel that operators have been using the report as evidence of overregulation when the report itself has no evidence to prove its worth.

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The Issue is Going a Bit Over the Top

Perhaps the issue is much deeper-rooted than any of us can see. The gambling industry has many clever operators who know how to make money. The APPG chairperson, Carolyn Harris, is a wise woman. She presents her view in an entirely different way. She also did not claim the report to be right, but her statements made more sense to the general public than those of McArthur.

Carolyn’s Verdict

She feels that the report has been exaggerated by the industry itself to just threaten authorities by using the name of illegal gambling. It makes sense as legal authorities would never want people to move towards illegal gambling. It would, in turn, result in a diversion and everyone would focus on illegal sectors, which would cause a delay in any increase in legal regulation in the legal gambling sector itself!

What about the Law?

It is not easy to fool the UK, because the gambling act of 2005 is under review. Once it is over, there are expected changes that might take place in the legalization of online gambling games as well. Many new proposals are under consideration. Some of them are reducing maximum betting stakes for slot games and improved customer checks before allowing them to gamble on a website.

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Watch the New BGC Video

Videos are a quick way to reach out to people and educate them about matters. Therefore, the industry decided to take the help of it to spread their message across. On the 18th of January, they released a video that promoted legal gambling. It told people about the disadvantages of stricter measures in the legal gambling market.

The main issue was that it can divert people’s attention to illegal sites. This placed them in a promising position, reassuring people about legal gambling while cutting down the illegal gambling market business too.

There’s More…

The video has used patriotism as well to convince people. It shows them that the UK is one of the safest countries on the planet. There is no way they would allow illegal gambling to take place on such a large scale. Operators will always discourage illegal gambling and will do whatever is in their power to protect their beloved gamblers.

The BGC Chief Micheal Dugher has also commented on the release of the video. It took him some time to make his statements but he has since come out in the open. He feels that the video educates the community and helps them while promoting safe gambling.

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