Welcome To iGaming Council

We are a group of gambling industry veterans that have come together and, with the help of some of the greatest companies in iGaming, are working hard towards ensuring the prosperity and integrity of our industry in a sustainable way.

We don’t believe that companies within the iGaming business should view each other as cut throat competitors. Instead, if we’d all focus on competing with other forms of entertainment and winning that battle, it’ll help our industry prosper.

Below you will find detailed information on what it is that we do and stand for. If you have any questions make sure to visit our FAQ section or contact us.

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Four Core Pillars of The iGaming Council

Here’s the TL;DR version of what we stand for and the kind of environment we would like to create within the iGaming industry.

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The industry is a fast paced environment where trends change as fast as fortune on slots.

Industry as a whole needs to be able to pass legislation and quickly approve or iterate changes.

Taking a few years to regulate a market or approve a new game type just won’t cut it.


Everyone should be given a fair chance. Players, suppliers, operators and the government.

Fair RTPs for players that leave enough room for suppliers and operators to profit.

Gambling taxes that let both the operators and governments make a lot of money,


We are pro local market regulation as it seems to serve a great purpose that most governments set out for online gambling.

Local regulation means taxes paid to players’ own government, which is then used to improve the very environment they themselves live in.

Sounds like a win to us, even if the games of chance weren’t treating the player well.


Enough with the 35% GGR taxes for operators in a market with high competition and marketing spend.

All stakeholders involved need to look at the bigger picture. If the taxes are too high, no licenses apply and revenue goes to offshore casinos.

Sustainably taxed gambling markets will flourish for decades to come and that’s what we all want.

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Latest iGaming News

Independent daily news from the iGaming industry. We also share our own views of what is happening and how to make optimal business decisions based on that in a bi-weekly editors column.

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Online Gambling

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Land Based Gambling


Work Done With Governments

Although this is not at the core of what we do, we’ve been fortunate enough to have a chance to contribute towards sensible regulation of online gambling in multiple countries within the EU. Below are some of the pillars we contributed to.

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Local Market Data Analytics

The team at iGCouncil has done multiple in-depth gaming market analysis with thousands of player interviews to understand the most popular forms of gambling and player behaviours in various localities.

We’ve then offered an educated opinion on how these game types could be taxed on the supplier and operator level in a way that is mutually beneficial and sustainable over the longterm.

Recommending Best Practices

Being in online gambling since the late 90s lets us offer valuable and timeless advice to those looking to implement regulation of online or land based gambling in their jurisdictions.

Having worked with some of the most successfully regulated markets we also know that in many cases there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Jurisdictions can just duplicate what works and avoid what doesn’t. We don’t have all the answers, but certainly a fair bit of them.

Advertising Guidelines

Advertising is what makes or breaks the successful operations in our industry.

We’ve worked tirelessly with regulators, operators and affiliates to ensure a fair and sustainable model where ethical advertising is allowed and unethical forms of it are properly and efficiently dealt with.

Minor Protection

Minors should face as little exposure to gambling as possible, but should also be educated early on of the real risks and potential consequences.

While there are no ways to hide iGaming from minors, we’ve helped multiple regulators create frameworks that properly protect them.



Work Done With iGaming Suppliers

Over the years we’ve developed throughout relationships with some of the industries top game suppliers.

Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve collaborated on with tier 1 developers of games of chance.

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Emerging Market Analysis

iGaming is one of the fastest growing, but also competitive sectors. We’ve done in-depth analysis of many markets that are still up and coming and not saturated.

Some of these are free to use via our website while others have been done on a private contract and include orders from local governments to assess their own market, but also from tier 1 operators to understand the viability of entering a particular market.

Player POV Analysis

Between our team we have a few dozen years of experience as being players and talking to other players too.

Having conducted thousands of hours of both play and game related talk we are able to help new, up-and-coming gaming suppliers find their target audience and product-market fit.


Compliance has quickly grown from tomorrow’s problem to be one of the most time consuming tasks for operators, suppliers and regulators who implement them.

We’re here to ensure that players get the protection they deserve, but also that all stakeholders in the value chain remain happy and profitable.

Innovation Brainstorming

We’ve gone as far as do hours of brainstorming to help a stagnating game supplier reinvent themselves. That same supplier went to achieve a 50% year on year growth later on.

While this is not our core focus area by any means, it just shows that a fresh set of experienced eyes can be very helpful.

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Work Done With Operators & Affiliates

Since 2005 we organize a yearly get together where around 100 affiliates and operators come together to share ideas and network. It’s almost like a small conference of our own.

Over the past 15 or so years we’ve been involved in many deals of different kinds, but the following 4 are the most common forms where we share our experience and feel like adding value.


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Connecting Businesses

With hundreds of connections throughout the iGaming industry we’re always glad to help with introductions between businesses that are potentially complimentary to each other.

This might be a simple word of mouth introduction or come via one of the many guides we’ve created for affiliates, operators, players or legislators.

Operator Compliance

Non compliance from an operator in today’s iGaming industry could lead to severe fines or even worse, losing a license.

We’re here to help with implementation of tools, processes and new technologies that can quickly detect any potential threats ahead of time, ensuring that your business remains compliant at all times.

License Applications

We can also help with license application processes for locally regulated market entry and an overview of compliance features needed across your platform.

Our list of clients include tier 1 suppliers and operators who’ve hired us on a consultancy basis.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Anything from detailed analysis of the marketplace to compiling lists of potential complementary acquisitions.

We’ve done work for several big name, stock market listed affiliate companies and helped them acquire 7 and even 8 figure businesses.


Localized Versions of iGCouncil